Deal with excessive burping with these tips

Do you burp or belch immediately after you consuming your favourite foodstuff or cold drinks? Occasional burping is commonly seen amongst people. But, if you do it often, you should seek medical help. It can suggest some underlying digestion issues. Read to know how to tackle it.

Dr Pradip Shah, HOD and General Medicine Specialist at Fortis Hospital Mulund says, “Burping is release of air through the mouth from stomach, with some bubbly sounds. Sometimes, it occurs spontaneously, sometimes it occurs regularly. Burping occurs when excess gas is swallowed through mouth and sometimes when excess gas is produced in the stomach and/or in upper small intestines, which needs to get out.”


Aerophagy I.e. Air from the atmosphere is swallowed due to different reasons like Hyperventilation, while feeling breathless or in asthmatic patients
Eating too fast or talking too much during eating
Consumption of foods like beans, eggs or fish, in large quantities and aerated drinks
Fermentation by bacterial overgrowth in stomach or in the intestines
Sometimes due to over anxiety
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Eat your food slowly and chew with your closed mouth
Avoid excessive talking while eating.
Avoid spicy foodstuffs.
Consume probiotics, to aid in digestion, and bring down the gas production.
Certain prescribed drugs can be taken to reduce production of excess gas in the stomach.
Improve your digestion process by exercising and eating healthy foodstuff.
Dr Pradip Shah concludes by advising, “If it is persistent, consult your specialist.”


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