Monsoon health tips: 10 home remedies to fight cold in this weather

Monsoon brings with it a host of infections including common cold. Common cold can get way too difficult to handle. We ask Dr Rajeshwari Shetty, Head of Dietetics in SL Raheja Hospital to suggest 10 home remedies to keep common cold at bay.
Home remedies for cold:

Boil flax seeds in water, sip on this water.
Boil Tulsi leaves in water, sip on this water. One could also chew on the leaves.
Haldi Milk.
Jeera water.
Ginger Tea. Read: Ditch your usual chai and go for this pepper-flavoured tea!
Soups which are made with vegetables base, with ample Pepper, Cinnamon and Cloves.
Turmeric powder with a few drops of lemon juice and honey.
Ginger water prepared by boiling ginger powder in water or dry ginger in water.
Tea prepared using Tulsi leaves. Tulsi leaves can also be boiled in water till the water reduces and be consumed.
Eat ginger and Tulsi paste.


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