Boosters Are the Skin Care Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re asking yourself (and we’re pretty sure you are) what the heck a booster even is, let us enlighten you. The original booster concept came from, where else, Korean beauty. “A skin booster is considered a more powerful, effective toner that allows the rest of your skin care products to absorb better, which enhances the effectiveness of your routine,” explains Charlotte Cho, K-beauty expert and founder of SoKo Glam. Their textures are very lightweight and watery, she notes, and generally prime the skin for the rest of your routine. However they can also be used alone to create a brighter, more hydrated visage.

When boosters made their way Stateside, many Western brands embraced them and quickly started developing their own versions. However the core concept morphed from toner to a type of potent treatment serum that could be mixed in with your existing moisturizer to create an ultra-effective product. But, like their Korean forefathers, most of these can also be used on their own. That’s the beauty of the booster — it can be both more (adding extra benefits to your lotions and potions) or less (taking the place of your toner, serum and treatment).


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