Sonali Bendre Shares Her Fitness Mantra For New-Age Mothers

Being in a super competitive industry and managing a family alongside can be extremely hectic and take a toll on you, leaving you with absolutely no time for yourself. That is exactly why fitness becomes all the more important.

I’ve realised that if I want to keep my family healthy and look good on screen, I must make conscious decisions to keep myself and my family fit.

As difficult as that may sound, it really isn’t!

I make sure that I never miss out on these fitness mantras that are also super quick and easy to follow:

1. Exercise Daily

I make sure that I work out for at least thirty minutes every day. I do a bit of cardio and strength training. My personal trainer ensures that I keep my fitness regime and diet in line with my goals.


2. Eat Every 2 Hours

I was a healthy eater even as a child. In fact, even then, I used to eat every 2 hours for which I would be scolded by my mother.

But now the same advice is being given by dietitians and nutritionists. Eating five to seven small meals a day helps speed up your metabolism.

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3. Snack Smart

I have always been a big advocate of healthy eating and regular exercise but it can be difficult to maintain a set routine when you are busy all week. When you are super busy, it’s inevitable to binge on unhealthy snacks but those are the ones that should be avoided at all costs.

You will always find me carrying some fresh fruits along with some almonds for in-between snacking.


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