The most effective method to Lower Androgen Levels in Ladies

High androgen levels in ladies can cause issues like skin inflammation, weight increase, intemperate hair development, and insulin protection. It can likewise put you in danger of creating polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS), a turmoil that causes agonizing periods and ripeness issues. Taking conception prevention and different medicines endorsed by your specialist can decrease your androgen levels. You can likewise modify your eating regimen and exercise. Plant-based supplements may bring down your androgen levels, however you should just take supplements with the authorization of your specialist.

1. Get tried to affirm your androgen levels are low. Your specialist will initially get some information about your therapeutic history to see whether you have issues like extreme skin break out, unpredictable periods, balding or hair pick up, and weight issues. They will then take an example of your salivation, pee, and blood to test your androgen levels. In the event that the tests return positive, they will tell you that you have low androgen and need to address it so you can remain sound.

2. Address your specialist about taking oral anti-conception medication. Oral contraceptives will guarantee your periods are more general and decrease the level of androgens in your ovaries. They can likewise clear up skin inflammation and over the top hair development caused by high androgen levels. Your specialist can recommend oral contraception that you take once per day in the meantime every day.[2]

Oral contraceptives can likewise be a decent long haul treatment for high androgen levels in the event that you don’t anticipate getting pregnant.

Your specialist should layout any conceivable reactions of oral conception prevention before recommending them to you.


Get hypoglycemic medicine to bring down your insulin and androgen levels. These prescriptions can likewise enable you to ovulate consistently and bring down your cholesterol levels. Your specialist can endorse this drug and talk about the correct dose with you.[3]

This prescription can likewise help with weight reduction and clear up skin break out caused by high androgen levels.

This solution may not be protected to take in the event that you are pregnant. Your specialist may recommend you attempt eating regimen or way of life changes.


Get some information about against androgen prescription. These solutions keep your body from making androgens and farthest point the impacts of androgen. Your specialist can talk about this medicine with you and recommend the correct day by day dosage.[4]

Against androgens can cause birth abandons. Therefore, this medicine is frequently combined with oral contraceptives to forestall pregnancy.

On the off chance that you end up pregnant, you will probably need to attempt different medicines like eating routine or way of life changes.

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