Track your cervical discharges on a timetable.

Ladies can track their body temperatures and changes to their cervical bodily fluid to decide when they are most prolific—by and large called the symptothermal method.[34] After the last day of your latest period, start recording data about your cervical bodily fluid on a day by day date-book


Check the bodily fluid when you urinate. One of the least demanding approaches to check is to wipe utilizing latrine tissue before urinating first thing in the morning.[36] You need to watch the bodily fluid for a few things, including:[37]

Shading – Is it yellow, white, clear, or shady?

Consistency – Is it thick, sticky, or stretchy?

Feel – Is it dry, wet, or tricky?

To abstain from befuddling standard sexual grease for cervical bodily fluid, you ought to keep away from sex amid the cycle when you first record the data


Note changes to the bodily fluid amid your cycle. You will see a few particular changes to your cervical bodily fluid consistently. These progressions generally include:

No evident emissions in the initial three or four days after your latest period closes

A little measure of overcast, sticky emissions for three to five days

A plenitude of clear, wet, and dangerous emissions for three to four days, which relates to the time only before and additionally amid ovulation

A sharp drop in cervical natural liquid for the accompanying eleven to fourteen days until the point that the moment that your next period starts.


Track your basal body temperature on a questionable logbook from your cervical trademark liquid. Your basal body temperature suggests your temperature when you’re absolutely very still. Different women record a slight climbing in body temperature—around 0.5°F (0.3°C)— in the midst of ovulation, which you can use to help in picking your most rich days.

Since the adjustment in temperature is so slight, you’ll require an exceedingly exact advanced thermometer that measures tenths of a degree.

You can utilize the thermometer orally, vaginally, or rectally, however guarantee that you generally utilize a steady technique to record exact outcomes


Record your temperature before you get up every morning. To get a relentless basal temperature under comparative conditions each day, keep your thermometer at your bedside and record your temperature before you get up in the morning.[43] You should similarly guarantee that you get no under three consistent hours of rest in the midst of the night to avoid any movements due to rest aggravations.


Attempt to imagine when you’re generally rich. Your most prolific day is roughly two days before your basal temperature rises.[45] By following both your cervical bodily fluid and your basal temperature, you can pinpoint your most fruitful day when your cervical bodily fluid has turned out to be inexhaustible and clear however your basal body temperature has not yet risen.

In spite of the fact that two days before your temperature rises is before you start ovulating, it’s as yet perfect in light of the fact that your accomplice’s sperm can get by for up to five days in your conceptive tract.[46]

You may need to track this period more than a while to imagine. Remain patient and plan sex with your accomplice amid this period every month.

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